Stockings FEELING 20 DEN

Thin seductive stockings with the effect of artificial silk

FEELING 20 – thin seductive stockings with the effect of artificial silk. Canvas is very soft and pleasant to the body. Silk-shine designer striped lace creates an exquisite shimmer on the legs. The alternation of dense and transparent lace lines gives a pleasant feeling of maximum air penetration. The semi-matte structure of the canvas makes the legs visually slimmer. A special transparent weaving toe allows you to wear stockings with open shoes. Resistant to slipping while moving. They are firmly held on their feet due to the soft, soft technology of silicone.

  • elastic band in the form of strips with silicone inside for better retention and fit [Width: 7.0 cm]
  • fully molded leg with a transparent toe
  • subtle flavouring
    ® is a registered trademark that indicates high quality elastane
  • single Covered Technology (Polyamide Wrapped Elastane) is used to create better products
88% polyamide
12% elastane
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